Monday, 30 May 2016

Mosh Pit Monday # 60 - Symptoms of Silence

Mosh Pit Monday

Welcome to another week of Mosh Pit Monday! Hope you've had a good week. I dont't know whether I'm coming or going this last week due to work commitments. I've always found a great way to unwind from the week is to go into my recording studio and just start jamming but Friday night one of my monitors died so I was pissed. Off to find one on Saturday morning and I was lucky. A second hand one hooked up straight away and I'm back in business. It just seems to be one thing after another these days with work and equipment but I think I'm finally set. I've been tested this last week, but with good, positive people around me, I manage to stay clean and sober although the temptation is never far away.

This week we're going to Ireland and I'd like to introduce you to one of my faithful Twitter followers, Symptoms of Silence, a 6 piece metalcore/hardcore band out of Portrush. What caught my eye with these guys is that they've been picked as the main support for one of my favourite Aussie metal bands, The Amity Affliction from here in Brisbane. The Amity Afflicition are playing Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast on June 7th and what a great opportunity for these Irish lads.

Band members are Kyle Colby on lead guitar, Joe Sweeney on bass, Jack Scott on drums, Chris Byrne on vocals, Conor Kelly on vocals and Justin Hanna on synths. A relatively new band of young guys, they aren't strangers to the local live music scene in Ireland, playing plenty of gigs and writing and recording plenty of material in such a short time.

Earlier in 2016 they released their debut EP "Visions" which includes the above track "Reality". A real surprise when you get into it. Hard hitting, punchy riffs backed up by dual vocals which I do like, when done right, and these boys are certainly doing something right. I could even go out on a limb and liken them to "Bullet For My Valentine", also another one of my faves who are touring Australia later this year and I can't wait to see. I want to wish Symptoms of Silence every success on their upcoming gigs with The Amity Affliction and I can't wait to see what else you've got. If you want to follow their next move, like them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

Hope you all have a great week. I got my wife let me buy a new motorbike last week so while she's away with the girls this weekend, I might be going for a bit of a bike ride. Who know's where I'll end up? Hopefully seeing some live music, somewhere. Until next week, keep moshin'. \,,,/ \,,,/

Monday, 23 May 2016

Mosh Pit Monday # 59 - Tezaura

Mosh Pit Monday

Welcome to another new week and another Mosh Pit Monday. It's great to have you here again and to be back on the Mosh Pit Monday train again. I'm loving finding new bands and new music to share with you. There'll be those bands that I personally know or have seen in action myself or those bands or musicians who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, who I love sending a shout out for. If you'd ever like a shout out for your band, don't hesitate to send me a message over on Facebook or via email at dfm2375 at gmail dot com. 

Today's music is coming to you all the way from the Czech Republic with a neo gothic rock band from Brno called Tezaura. The band was formed in 2010 and made its first release EP "Daydreaming" in  the Spring of 2011. During October and November 2013, the group presented the album on the "Unleash the Butterflies tour," which took place not only in Czechia but also in Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.  Besides being regular guests on the European festival circuit, Tezaura are the main organisers of the Glacial Croon and After Dark Fair Festivals. 

Band members are Lori on vocals, Nemo on guitar, Mara on bass guitar and David on drums. The band are on the look out for a new keyboard player with the recent departure of Filip who has been with the band since the beginning.

The band recently released the video of their latest single "Heavenhell". In classic melodic metal style, Lori hits all the right notes with her strong vocals which are supported well by the band in the true style of European gothic metal we all love. I'm sorry to say I haven't listened to much of their stuff before today but will be keen to listen to more. If only I lived in Europe to catch them at one of those festivals. I'll definitely be checking them out if they ever get to Australia. You can follow Tezaura on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and SoundCloud

Hope you all have a great week and remember, keep moshin'. \,,,/ \,,,/

Monday, 16 May 2016

Mosh Pit Monday # 58 - Evil Eye

Mosh Pit Monday

Gidday from Australia and welcome to another week of Mosh Pit Monday. Hope you've all had a great week. It feels great to be back at Forever Falling Short and sharing my favourite music with you. We haven't seen any live music this last week but Iron Maiden played in town and by all reports, it was massive as you would expect. They never cease to amaze me with their longevity and success.

This week I'd like to introduce you to another Aussie band, Evil Eye. It's such an amazing world, this one of music. You just never know who might be involved in a band or share your love of heavy metal music. I went to the gig, like I mentioned last week, to trade one of my guitars for a head unit and when I got to the venue, a voice said to me "oh, the famous Damo Murphy, I finally get to meet you in person". It turned out to be Matt, the lead singer from Evil Eye. A few months ago they advertised for a new guitarist to which I applied but obviously wasn't the right guy for the job but Matt remembered me and said gidday. I'm finding it more and more in the Brisbane heavy metal scene, that everyone is really friendly and a really great bunch of people, all supporting each other in their endeavours and sharing their love of music.

Evil Eye are a Brisbane sludge/post thrash band and members are Pete and Dan on guitar, Wez Rich is on drums, Bill on bass and Matt on vocals. The guys are big on the Brisbane metal scene, playing local gigs around South East Queensland's big metal venues plus heading out in 2016 to support other bands around Australia. The band's self titled EP was produced in 2014 which received favourable reviews and a lot of air play on national radio.

You can tell by the band's track "Disobey", they have a distinctive style, hard hitting riffs and solid drumming by Wez. They are influenced by bands like Mastodon to Swedish melo-death legends At The Gates and In Flames. You can keep up to date with Evil Eye's touring schedule by following them on Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud.  I can't wait to catch them live myself.

Until next week, I hope your week is filled with metal and keep moshin'. \,,,/ \,,,/

Monday, 9 May 2016

Mosh Pit Monday # 57 - Trinatyde

Mosh Pit Monday

Gidday and welcome to another Mosh Pit Monday. A lot's been happening here at Forever Falling Short in the last 6 months. We've been seeing a few gigs and I've been active over on Facebook buying and selling gear and I've created a group called Musicians Connected. If you're a musician, of any genre, you're able to post in this group, letting everyone know your skills and what you're looking to get into. It's available for guitarists, violinists, pianists, singers, you name it. Check it out if you're looking to join a group. I've also been discovering a lot, and I mean a lot of fantastic Aussie metal bands that I want to share with you. 

I first came across Trinatyde when I saw that they were playing at a local gig quite a while ago. I didn't get around to seeing them but I liked their Facebook page and it seems they're a regular on the Brisbane metal scene. I listened to a couple of their video clips and it just confirmed how strong metal music is in my home town. I tell ya, it's a small world. I've been wheeling, dealing and swapping music gear on Facebook groups I belong to and I just so happened to be swapping one of my guitars for a Black Star head unit and the guy I was swapping with said he needed the head unit for a gig that Saturday night. We arranged to meet up at the venue to arrange the swap. When he told me he was the lead guitarist for Trinatyde, I was stoked. I got to see them play live and they were sick.

A 5 piece band out of Brisbane who formed in 2010, the guys have been making an impression on the Brisbane music scene for a while now, playing their developing and progressive style of metal. Founding members Dan (vocals) and Matt (guitar) recently added Jay (bass), Josh (guitar) and Andrew (drums) to the group.  The guys play all around Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and northern New South Wales.

It's hard to find a metal band these days that has an individual sound. Everyone seems to be copying other band's styles but Trinatyde have got their own sound and style. They're excellent live and create a lot of energy on stage. The above video of their 2014 song "Deathplunge" has a different line up to their current band members but it gives you an indication of their hard metal style with subtle melodic rock mixed in. Make sure you follow them on Facebook so you can catch their next gig because these guys really go off live. You won't want to miss them. They really do deserve a lot more recognition then they currently get. 

Thanks for joining me again this week for Mosh Pit Monday. I'll be back next week with great new music from local and overseas bands. Until then, keep moshin'. \,,,/ \,,,/

Monday, 2 May 2016

Mosh Pit Monday # 56 - Rest in Peace

Mosh Pit Monday

Welcome back to Mosh Pit Monday! Hi everyone! Firstly, I want to apologise for my absence. It's been a while since I posted, especially a Mosh Pit Monday, my favourite day of the week, but I have some bad news. My dear mother, who battled cancer for nearly 4 years and whose health deteriorated rapidly in 2015, passed away suddenly in the first week of December. We were all shattered as it wasn't expected so suddenly.

Since our wedding in September, she did become more frail and I think after years of chemotherapy and failing health, she just couldn't fight it anymore. We were at least hoping to spend Christmas with her but it wasn't to be. It was a very sad Christmas but we didn't sit around and mope as that's not what she would've wanted. Needless to say, a lot of my time has been spent tying up loose ends with my brother, who lives interstate, as there's only the two of us. My dear wife has been giving me a hand where she can but it's been a busy year for everyone.

Dr William von Witt died in a kite surfing accident in Moreton Bay.

And then, in early February this year, I lost a dear friend. I'd met Will through recovery and if there was anyone in this world who had turned his life around, it's Will. He had endured many struggles through his life but got through them. I never knew anyone who lived life to the fullest as he did. He had just become a doctor, he was an accomplished violinist plus a huge fan of heavy metal. (In fact, Trivium was one of his favourite bands and we caught Trivium on their recent Australian tour a couple weeks ago in Will's honour.) He was also a keen water sports enthusiast in particular kiteboarding. It was while kite boarding that he must've suffered a mild epileptic seizure and drowned. His loss was certainly a shock to everyone who knew him, especially his family who have suffered a terrible loss. It made me look at my life and even though I've turned it around, it certainly made me want to take a page out of Will's book and live my life to it's fullest.

My dear grandmother also lost her partner to cancer a couple weeks ago too so it's been a sad time for us here at Forever Falling Short. It's given us a greater respect for life and living and to make sure we spend time with those we love and live every day like it's our last because we never know when it will be.

We'll be back with more Mosh Pit Mondays, more band reviews and more heavy metal news and stories from around the world. The Forever Falling Short website will be getting an overhaul over the next couple of months so we hope you'll stick around. We hope to pick up where we left off, sharing our love of heavy metal music and other genres of music with the world. I've also been working on a few tunes of my own. Cheers! \,,,/ \,,,/

Monday, 7 December 2015

Mosh Pit Monday # 55 - Chronolyth

Mosh Pit Monday

Gidday and welcome to another week and another Mosh Pit Monday. Well, it's finally December and the 'silly' season is well upon us. What's with everyone? The people on the roads are just crazy and the crowds in the shops are nuts. I can't wait for Christmas Day to be done and dusted and just get back to the 'normal' craziness we live in.

I've got a fantastic band to share with you this week. It's Chronolyth, an Australian groove/death metal melodic band from my hometown, Brisbane who have been around since May 2011. The wife and I got to see them as part of the New Globe Theatre's annual event, "Ye Gods of Metal" music festival in Fortitude Valley this Saturday night just gone. We had a few things on that day so didn't get to see the entire line up but managed to catch a few acts by the end of the night and Chronolyth sure didn't disappoint.

For an event that had been going all day, they had the crowd fully charged and the boys put on a great show. Band members are Hamish McSorley on vocals,  Alex Nisiriou on guitars, Ben Constable on guitars, Gareth Benham on bass and Michael Gee on drums. Hamish has got the growl happening as good as anyone in the business and Ben Constable is one of the best shredders around in this genre. The guys were really tight on the night and we were so glad we got to see them. They did play Soundwave last year but we never got a chance to see them. Another one of my favourite Aussie metal bands, Orpheus Omega, who co-headlined with Chronolyth played and they lived up to their reputation as one of the best live death metal bands in Australia at the moment. (More to come on Orpheus Omega in upcoming Mosh Pit Mondays.)

The above track "Revenants" is off the band's 2013 CD release "Sovereign" which is well worth a listen to in it's entirety. You can follow the guys on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp. This is one band you don't want to miss live and I'll be keeping an eye on where they are playing next, that's for sure. Makes me proud to be a Brisbanite and see the amazing talent that keeps coming out of my hometown. Great work guys!

That's it for this week. Hope your Christmas plans are coming along nicely and you still manage to keep moshin'. Have a great week! \,,,/ \,,,/

Monday, 30 November 2015

Mosh Pit Monday # 54 - Burden of Grief

Mosh Pit Monday

Welcome to Monday and a well and truly overdue Mosh Pit Monday! Our sincerest apologies for no posts for the last two weeks. We've been super busy. Me with work, my wife having her kids for two weeks solid (she normally shares 50/50 custody with her ex) and just not having enough hours in the day to get a post out. We got to Tuesday each week before we realised we hadn't even got around to getting a post out, so we're really sorry. Hopefully we'll pick up exactly where we left off and be sharing some wonderful new music with you all.

This week I'd like to introduce you to a fantastic band Burden of Grief out of Germany. Burden of Grief are 'veterans' of the death/thrash metal genre and have been around since 1994. To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the guys forming, they realeased an album in 2014 called "Unchained". 

Band members are Mike Huhmann on vocals, Philipp Hanfland on guitars, Johannes Rudolph  on guitars, Florian Bauer on bass and Sebastian Robrecht on drums. The band is mainly influenced by bands out of the UK and the USA, being likened to greats such as Iron Maiden but with a harsher, faster approach.

One of the tracks from the 20th anniversary album "Unchained" is Awaken the Nightmare. If you like old school metal that packs a punch, you'll love Burden of Grief. They've definitely stood the test of time. You can follow them on Facebook and Youtube. Check them out.

So, a couple more weeks until Christmas (and someone else's birthday, yeah mine) so we'll see you next week for more Mosh Pit Monday. Until then keep moshin'! \,,,/ \,,,/
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